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PET Polyester Carpet

PET polyester carpet flooring comes from plastic containers, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. However, you'd never know its origins from its soft, comfy feel underfoot.

About PET Polyester Carpet


Are you incorporating as many green and eco-friendly materials as possible into your impending whole-house renovation? Even if you're only embarking on a small upgrade, the eco-friendly carpet solution known as PET polyester is a worthwhile consideration. PET polyester, also known as polyethylene terephthalate, comes from recycled water bottles and other plastic containers. In fact, using recycled materials in carpeting has kept millions of pounds of plastic from landfills, according to some experts. Luckily for you and other homeowners, you'd never know PET polyester's origins from its soft, comfy feel underfoot. 




On the hunt for an industrious loop carpet in a relaxing neutral hue for your primary bedroom? Or do you hope to outfit your creative workspace with a soft, casual frieze in a fun, bold color? You may be surprised to learn that the color and style options aren't limited with eco-friendly PET polyester carpet. Making green carpet choices doesn't mean you have to give up your design vision or established aesthetic.  


No matter what hue you choose for your new PET polyester carpet, it will resist fading, even in the brightest, sun-filled rooms. The PET polyester fibers aren't dyed in the traditional way. They're solution-dyed, which means that colored dye is added to the chemical concoction used to create individual carpet fibers, lending it a richer hue




Who knew recycled plastic bottles could actually strengthen a man-made material? In addition to its eco-friendliness, PET polyester carpet fiber is resilient, though not quite as durable as nylon.It's best used in areas of your home that don't see the heaviest traffic since PET polyester carpet fibers can lose texture with a lot of wear. Plus, if they're compressed under furniture legs for a long time, the fibers can fuse together, so be cognizant when installing PET carpet in your living room or dining space.


How to Maintain 100% PET Polyester Carpet


Choosing PET polyester carpeting for your pet-friendly home means you'll reap the benefits of the fiber's inherent hydrophobic properties. Since this carpet material repels moisture and stains, it's a great choice for your high-humidity rooms or areas where accidents may commonly occur, like the laundry room where your sweet older dog tends to relieve himself when he can't make it outside. 


Keeping your new PET polyester carpet clean is as simple as vacuuming once a week. When spills or accidents occur, spot-clean using the instructions provided by the manufacturer. 


Lifespan and Installation


Good news! Opting for the more eco-friendly polyester option doesn't mean you're getting a shorter lifespan. That said, how long PET polyester carpet will last in your home depends on a few important factors that you have full control over: 


As you prepare for your new carpeting, installation isn't the time to start saving money. In fact, you can potentially end up costing yourself more down the road if you accidentally void your warranty with a shoddy install. Instead, rely on a professional installer who will properly complete the job, leaving you with beautiful new carpeting, zero headaches, and peace of mind for years to come. 


PET polyester vs. Polyester Carpet


Both PET polyester carpet and polyester carpet deliver stain and moisture resistance, but their biggest difference is in the composition of the actual fibers.


PET Polyester FAQs


What is BCF PET polyester carpet?


BCF means bulk continuous filament, and it's one of two ways PET polyester carpets are constructed. BCF PET polyester carpet has sections of carpet that are created from one long, continuous fiber. This can be a benefit for pet-friendly homes where cat or dog claws can snag on the carpet, as BCF PET polyester carpet has a higher resistance to pulling.


Is polyester carpet good for dogs?


Yes! Polyester is a pet-friendly carpet that your dogs, cats, and other pets can safely be around. This synthetic material is resistant to odors, moisture, and stains, so you're worry-free when it comes to accidents, muddy paws, and mealtime messes. 


Is PET polyester carpet safe? 


Yes! PET polyester carpet is not only safe for your home but it's also good for the planet. 100% PET polyester carpet is made from recycled plastic water bottles and other containers with specific high-quality resins, plus it's free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). That means no off-gassing in your home after installation!